We started in a little village by the countryside. 

With just the vague goal of making good coffee, 

we took up our courage. Yes! As you expected, we make coffee! 

We are always pouring our time and effort to make better  coffee. 

We don’t spare our money and time on the work. 

We enjoy our job since it is our favorite thing to do,  and we are also good at it. 

A high-quality cup of coffee is the result of time and effort! 

We want to make and  'introduce you to different cultural factors. 

We think about the space and design, how people look  at each other, 

and how talk they talk. 

You can say that we are learning! 

Our goal is not simply changing, but to pursue difference. 

Our attempt may be reckless, but we believe it is novel and interesting. 

We are continuing our challenges in our own way. 

Look forward to our story as we find novelty and joy in closer places, 

rather than racing to be the best! 

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